Know our León           


  Leon was a founded as a colonial typel city

  over 500 years ago. 

  Their economic resources it depends of 

  agricultural sector.


  It is in turn intellectually the cane

  cultural and ideological of the nation. 

  Well-know as University, generating 

  of grateful poets as Ruben Darío, booster 

  of the romanticism; Alfonso Cortéz and others.


  Polítical of the nature of Máximo Jerez, one of those

  founders of the independence of Nicaragua and 

  of Central America.


  The cultural range, is impressive highly with 

  religious tendeencies and with very wide thoughts



  It has a wide range resources to admire and to visit

  inside which are: museums, churches,

  parks, discos, restaurants and none the less you visit  

  the beach, wuich is less than 18Km. of distance of the city.


  You can go on foot, on ride, in bicycle, moto or  

  the bus that come out every 12 hours of Subtiava.


  León is a healthy city that it offers watch citizen. 

  Where you will be able to enjoy your stay




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                                                                                                     Of the church San Juan 1 estreet south and    Telephones: (505) 311 6040, 311 0016                   

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